we think in images and sounds.
at DARE 2015, international conference,
ghent/belgium, nov 9–11; on Deleuze as
the dark precursor. – look HERE:

coming soon. based on the clash
between science and art in this project.
explains how not to get dull. edited by
e. miklautz and w. berger. – see HERE:

it’s the palimpsest, stupid!
elfie miklautz reflects on
hidden secrets in scientific
and artistic work. – look HERE:

please see short film.
two or three or four colours.
many feet. some words. few plants.
one song (sirenic). – see HERE:

we show obsession and dissolution
[at parenthesis, a 24 h non-stop
unconference in geneva, nov 6/7]
with films + words + these frogs:

project performance (assemblage)
andere räume ][ other spaces;
search, research, discovery,
silences, moons, risky waters

the andere räume project stages
five works of film, sound, text.
vienna, zacherlfabrik nußwaldgasse,
october 6,  2013,  17 to 22 h

one of five andere räume subprojects
goes ahead – „un.known spaces“ with
installation, performance, workshop.
vienna, danube tower, may 3 to 9,  2013