The audiovisual installation of UN.KNOWN SPACES in Vienna was composed of two integral components:
The visual component with 18 flatscreen-monitors organized in 6 groups consisting of 3 monitors each (Vienna, NYC, Nairobi). On these monitors the visitors could observe and via headphones listen to the 66 hands of 66 individuals on 3 continents performing their subjetive live-maps. The visual component of this installation was generated by cooperation of the media-artist Vanessa Gageos.
The auditive component consisted of 9+3 speakers. A generative algorithmic composition created in collaboration with Samuel Gfeller, dislpayed rhythmical patterns from an archive of marimba-recordings, immitating the different rhythms and melodies of languages to 9 loudspeakers. On 3 extra-speakers mounted on stands on head-level, the composition reflected an actual discussion between people. Like this, the most important „knowledge-moments“ out of the 33 interviews with UN-officials in Europe, America and Africa became experienceable.

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